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April 21, 2024

Beverly Hills Dog Bite Lawyer

Dedicated Dog Bite Attorney in Beverly Hills

In California, strict liability is imposed on dog owners, which means that the owner can be held liable for the injuries caused by their dog even if the pet never showed a propensity for aggression. This is in contrast to the ‘one bite rule’ followed by other states. It can be confusing to file a legal claim after you have been bitten by a dog.

This is one of the reasons why you should consider working with a Beverly Hills dog bite lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. California has the greatest number of dog bite lawsuits as compare to any other state. You need an attorney that understands the law and can use it to your favor.

Proving a Dog Bite Claim

Civil dog bite statute in California is listed under California Civil Code section 3342. This makes canine owners responsible for injuries caused by their dog as long as:

  • The victim did not provoke the dog in any way
  • The victim was bitten in a public place or while he/she was lawfully on private property. In other words, the victim should not have been trespassing.

In Beverly Hills, trespassers are generally not awarded any damages. There are several other situations in which you may not be allowed to recover damages. For instance, if the dog was protecting another person or the owner in accordance with California’s laws on self-defense you may not able to recover compensation for your injuries.

You won’t be able to recover compensation if the animal is a police or military canine working in accordance with the agency’s written policy.

Damages in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

There are several different types of damages that can be recovered if you are bitten by a dog. People usually get compensation from the dog owner’s home insurance provider. Compensatory damages usually include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Vocational therapy
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Psychological counseling
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Loss of use of limb

In most cases, the damages are without any maximum limit. In case your loved one was killed as a result of the animal attack; you may be able to recover compensation for wrongful death as well. You should speak to a Beverly Hills dog bite lawyer to learn more.

Punitive Damages for Dog Bite

Victims can recover punitive damages under California law in certain cases. Punitive damages or exemplary damages serve towards punishing defendants that engage in particularly bad behavior. The plaintiff is responsible for proving the defendant’s actions amounted to malice through clear and convincing evidence so as to recover damages.

Malice is said to occur when the actions of the defendant were performed without conscious or willful regard of the safety and rights of others. Only a few cases involving dog attacks have ever made it to appellate courts in California. This establishes a precedent for the lower courts.

However, under California law you can seek punitive damages if you were involved in a dog bite.

Should I Inform the Police?

You don’t need a police report to sue after getting bit by a dog in Beverly Hills. However, it can become easier to seek punitive damages if you make the local animal control officer aware of the bite. The officer will investigate and determine if the dog is dangerous. The local animal control officer will also notify the owner to take necessary steps for ensuring the safety of others.

Further, under California law, both dog bite victims and owners are required to report canine bites to local county health officers. Your treating doctor will also be obligated to report dog bites after providing necessary treatment. You should understand that the owner will not automatically get prosecuted because you reported the canine bite to the local county health officer.

Beverly Hills Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs abound in Beverly Hills whether you are on a walk or eating on Rodeo– the chances for a serious dog bite are high. This is an injury you should not bear the financial burden of and a winning Beverly Hills dog bite lawyer at Walch Law can help get you the most money possible for everything from injuries to missed work and more. We are ready to get started today– it only takes one call. Get in touch with Walch Law now. 

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