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July 12, 2024

Thousand Oaks motorcycle accident lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys That Are Firmly on Your Side

Motorcycle accidents come with dangers that are not there in other kinds of vehicle collisions. This is because motorcycles go really fast and offer nothing in the form of collision protection. Body of a rider is exposed to the collision and can get crushed. Motorcycles can travel as fast as 120 mph which can leave the body of a person virtually liquefied.

You should consider working with a Thousand Oaks motorcycle accident lawyer to understand your legal options. Victims of motorcycle accidents can bring forward a claim under California Law to recover compensation for their injuries and damages.

Insurance Claim in Motorcycle Accident

Dealing with insurance companies is a major hassle associated with motorcycle companies. Insurance companies are notorious for keeping their interests at the forefront. However, in the case of motorcycle accidents, they take things further by blaming the motorcycle rider. They do everything possible to close a case as quickly as they can.

It’s crucial that you don’t speak with an insurance adjuster before consulting with a Thousand Oaks motorcycle accident lawyer. The insurance company will try and get you to sign away your rights by offering a low settlement. You may not be able to file another claim if you sign the documents. They may even use what you tell them against you.

Liability is a major issue while speaking with insurance companies. If the circumstances surrounding your accident are even minutely questionable, the insurance provider will use it to deny a part or all of the claim. They may state that you were the at-fault driver. Your attorney can help you in multiple ways while dealing with the insurance provider.

They will be there with you when you open a claim. They will ensure that you don’t say anything wrong that may impact your claim by accepting liability. Your attorney will also take care of all the legal aspects of the lawsuit so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Financial Recovery and Settlements

Victim may only be able to recover money capped by the limits within the insurance policy after a motorcycle car accident. Basically, this means that if the insurance policy is for $30,000, the victim may only recover till $30,000. If the victim’s bills are higher, they will need to recover in a different way. This is usually through getting into litigation directly with the other driver.

Regardless of the choice of legal strategy, it is vital that a victim of motorcycle accident speak with a knowledgeable attorney without any delay. California law provides a two-year time period for victims to file a claim. You may not be able to file a lawsuit if you miss this deadline. Further, it is always recommended to get legal help sooner than later because your attorney may need some time to build a strong case as well.

California Motorcycle Rider’s Rights

In California, lane splitting is legal. This is one of the most dangerous and appealing riding techniques. Lane splitting refers to a way of riding in which the motorcycle rides between two well-marked lanes of slow-moving traffic. This is usually at a speed that is higher than the vehicles.

Lane splitting may be legal, but it is dangerous to the rider. Vehicle drivers may try and change their lanes without any prior warning. It is possible for passengers of a stopped vehicle to open the car door to see what is happening in the front. This can cause a ‘dooring’ accident. In most instances, car drivers don’t expect a bike to be lane splitting behind them. This is what results in the majority of accidents.

In case of lane changing accidents, the liability falls squarely on the vehicle driver for not changing lanes safely. However, it is possible the California Highway Patrol (CHP) may not cite the driver.

Thousand Oaks motorcycle accident lawyer

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