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January 21, 2021

Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

The always busy 91 helps get Riverside residents and visitors where they are going but it is also the scene of many fatal and non-fatal personal injury car accidents. And car accidents are not the only type of Riverside personal injury accidents that can take place—slip and falls, product liability and pedestrian accidents. When you search for a Personal injury lawyer in Riverside, end your search with Walch Law. The talented father-son duo of Robert and Gary Walch have the experience and success record you want on your side—schedule your free consultation today.

How Much is your Riverside Personal Injury Accident Worth?

Forget about unreliable online personal injury calculators, the only way to really discover the potential value of your personal injury case is to have a lawyer review every detail. That being said, there are many expenses stemming from your accident that you can add together to get a good baseline figure. These include:

  • Medical Bills: You likely already have mounting medical bills and these help form the base of your recovery. Not only can you get paid for existing bills but we also work with your doctors and specialist to forecast out what your future medical needs might be as well.
  • Missed work: Some personal injury accidents cause the victim to miss a few weeks of work and some injure them so badly that they can never work again. Obviously, this loss of steady income can cause a tremendous financial strain on individuals and families and not something they should have to suffer as the result of the actions of someone else.
  • Disability: Do you have disability needs following your accident that require you to make special improvements to your house or hire care? Disability needs can be extremely costly
  • Pain and Suffering: This is a figure you of course don’t have as readily available as a doctors bill but a huge part of a personal injury lawsuit designed to get you paid for the total impact the accident has had on your life. For instance, are you no longer able to be intimate with your partner? Or are you dealing with PTSD?

If you have injuries that are costing you money following an accident that wasn’t your fault (or not entirely your fault) then you should absolutely file a personal injury claim with the help of Walch Law. You should not pay out of pocket for your injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyer Riverside

At Walch Law, we are ready to get started helping you maximize your financial recovery today. We take all our cases on a contingency fee basis and know how to win Riverside personal injury cases. Call us today to set up your totally free consultation and learn more about the value of your case and how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you! 1-844-999-5342


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