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July 12, 2024

Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Riding a motorcycle throughout Ventura is a scenic thrill. Ocean views throughout and the fresh air make it an extremely popular spot for visitors as well. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents happen all the time especially when there is good weather. While a ride might take every precaution possible, many cars and trucks that share the roads with motorcycles are not as aware. If you have recently been in a crash and looking for a winning Ventura motorcycle accident attorney, look no further than the talented team at Walch Law. We know the area, we know bikes and we know how to win—call us now to learn more about how we can help you get paid the most following your accident.

What YOU Need to Know About Ventura Motorcycle Crashes

During our initial free consultation with clients, we get a lot of questions and we are so happy to answer all of them. The legal process can be confusing and intimidating—we are here to give you the information you are looking for. Here are some important things motorcycle accident victims should know about:

  • Get medical help: If you have injuries you need to see a doctor and other medical professional not just to get better but to strengthen your legal case as well. Doctors diagnosis of injuries is an extremely important part of your case worth. If you don’t think you can afford the medical care you need now, we can help set up a medical lien for you.
  • Insurance: A lot of the value of your case will be limited by the insurance coverage the other party to the accident has and also your own coverage if they are underinsurned. This is something we can explain in-depth when we talk.
  • Comparative negligence: If you played a role in your crash, you can still file a personal injury lawsuit because California goes by a theory of comparative negligence. What this means is that if your case is worth $100,000 but you are found 50% responsible for causing it, you can still get a $50,000 settlement. Too many people mistakenly assume that if they were doing something wrong they are barred from recovering but that is simply not the case and they can still get a lot of money in many instances.

Motorcycle accident attorney Ventura- Walch Law

Motorcycle riders can face a unique array of injuries following their crash and getting a high settlement can help make sure that your physical recovery is not a financial burden on you. Some motorcycle injury cases can take as little as a month while others go on much longer but one thing is certain when you hire Walch Law as your Ventura motorcycle Accident attorney—we will work hard to get you the most money possible. We are ready to get started today so get in touch with us now to schedule your free consultation. We would love to help you!


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