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May 24, 2024

pedestrian accident lawyer Van Nuys

Fighting For The Rights of Pedestrian Accident Victims

Pedestrian accidents continue to remain a serious public safety issue in Van Nuys. There are over 13,000 pedestrian injuries reported in California each year as per data collected by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The injured victim can suffer from catastrophic injuries when these collisions occur.

Injured pedestrians should be able to access full compensation for their injuries and damages following a crash. Unfortunately, big insurance carriers don’t make it easy to recover damages. This is where a capable and experienced pedestrian accident lawyer Van Nuys steps in.

Steps to Take Following a Pedestrian Accident

There are several steps you can take to maximize your compensation. These are a few of them:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The first step you need to take is get immediate medical attention from a professional healthcare provider. You may not feel the effects of injury immediately because your body would most likely be pumped full of adrenaline. However, as the initial shock wears off, you may experience pain.

Insurance companies try to dispute a claim by stating the injuries did not occur directly because of the accident. This is where documented medical reports can come in useful. Common pedestrian injuries include soft tissue damage and concussions. These can take days to manifest fully. Based on this, you need valid medical documentation to bring a pedestrian accident claim in Van Nuys.

Document the Collision Carefully

The scene at a pedestrian accident can be confusing and chaotic. Victims usually don’t know the steps to take to protect themselves. Injured pedestrians should take all necessary precautions to protect themselves. This goes beyond medical needs. You can help strengthen your claim by securing relevant evidence and documentation. You are better equipped to bring a legal claim when you have more documentation. Try and take photos of your injuries, the accident, witness contact information, driver contact information, and the police report.

Speak With a Pedestrian Attorney

Bi insurance companies tend to defend pedestrian accident claims in California. These law firms are notorious for defending insurance companies aggressively. There are a wide range of tactics that these attorneys use for reducing settlement offers. You should refrain from speaking with an insurance adjuster after your accident without consulting with a pedestrian accident lawyer Van Nuys first.

Your lawyer will be able to level the playing field by protecting your rights.

Negligence Laws in California

California is a comparative fault state. This means that you can recover compensation even if you are partly responsible for your injuries and the accident. However, the only way you can still get compensation is if there is someone else to blame. Anyone causing an accident can be held liable for damages. This is true for the victim or the person that suffered injuries as well.

You should understand that your role in the accident will not be a hindrance in recovering compensation. In relation to this, the role can affect the amount of money you receive. Your compensation amount will be proportionately reduced by the extent of your role in the accident. Larger the role, less you will be able to recover.

For instance, say you were hit by a car while crossing a street. You probably suffered $10,000 in damages. The driver was texting and didn’t notice you on the crosswalk. However, the pedestrian signal was red at the time of the crash as well. You will be held partly responsible for the accident since you did not maintain due care.

Investigators may determine that you are 25% responsible for the car accident. In such a situation, you would not be able to recover more than $7,500 in damages. The role played by a victim in an accident is directly linked to the amount of money they can recover. Your attorney will review all details of the accident to find evidence that shifts the blame away from you.

pedestrian accident lawyer Van Nuys

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