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Personal Injuries in the time of COVID-19

Personal Injuries in the time of COVID-19

What You Need to Know About Covid-19 Personal Injury Litigation

The year 2020 has been a hard year for so many Americans. With so much going on and facing a world-wide pandemic, there are many reasons to be worried. Despite Covid-19, the stay-at-home orders, and all the hardships that we have all faced this year, serious injuries still occur daily. If you or someone you love has been injured or in an accident, do not delay in seeking for legal help or representation. Amidst this pandemic, people still need to be given the compensation they need and deserve. Filing claims, although they may take longer to process due to the outbreak, will still be filed. At Walch Law, we will do all we can to make sure your case is a priority and will not let you slip through the cracks. 1-844-999-5342

How Could COVID-19 Affect My Personal Injury Case

Almost every area of the country has been affected by the pandemic. Many new policies and processes have been created in order to work through these hard times. Some affects you may see immediately might include:

  • Increased pressure to settle your case
  • Court delays
  • Slow payments from insurance
  • Loss of income or job
  • Unavailable medical treatment
  • Remote interactions with lawyers

Although these issues may impact your case, Walch Law will work hard to make sure we are available to you when you need us most. These issues listed above may seem overwhelming, but we will help you navigate through these tough times.

What Should I do if I’m Injured?

  • Seek Medical Attention: Although COVID-19 has made getting medical treatment more difficult, it is important to remain diligent in getting the medical care you need. Working with doctors to get all your treatment plan is crucial in maximizing the value of your case. Seeking medical treatment will put you on the road to recovery and help you make progress both physically as well as progress with your case.
  • Seek Legal Assistance: With so much happening during a pandemic, insurance companies have become even more strict than usual with their money and do not want to pay the amount of money that they should. Insurance companies will try to pressure you into settling your case too soon and claim they will not give you any more money. This is why it is important to have an attorney to help you look at an offer and see if it is fair or not. At Walch Law, we have your best interest in mind. We will make sure you receive a fair offer and are prepared to litigate each case if a settlement offer cannot be agreed upon.

Even though so much has changed for each of us this year, our experienced attorney’s at Walch Law are still working hard to get people the compensation they deserve. Injuries have not stopped, and neither have we. We will work to make sure you get a fair settlement and will stay in constant communication with you. We are here to help you through all of the COVID-19 changes that have been made. Call us today at 1-844-999-5342 to schedule your free consultation



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