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The two major highways that run within the borders of Encino, California, are the 101 and the 405. These roads are frequently utilized by large trucks as they make their deliveries. Being alert is vital to staying safe on these highways; however, due to the high volume of trucks, you could still be involved in a serious truck accident. Knowing who is responsible for a truck accident is very important to your recovery, though identifying this information can be difficult. If you are involved in an Encino truck accident, call one of our experienced truck accident attorneys now. At Walch Law we can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Determining who is Responsible

Filing a claim in a truck accident case requires a lot of evidence but these cases can be worth a lot of money when we handle them. At Walch Law, we want to help you figure out which party or parties to get involved in your case. There are many parties potentially responsible for causing your accident. The main parties typically responsible for truck accidents are found below:

  • The Truck Driver: A victim of a truck accident can hold the driver responsible if the driver broke the law, was driving under the influence, or became drowsy or distracted. If this was the case in your truck accident, the truck driver could be held responsible for all damages.
  • The Trucking Company: Many times, the victim involved in a truck accident can involve the trucking company if the trucker has no assets or if the incident was due to the company cutting corners and not following protocol. If the trucker is pushed to drive longer than he or she can in order to meet deadlines, this becomes a problem with the company not following rules set to protect their truckers.
  • The Manufactures: On occasion, manufactures are to blame for a truck accident due to faulty equipment on the truck. The manufacturers make equipment on the truck such as ropes and pulley systems that keep everything secure. If the equipment were to break or if it was not secured properly, the manufacturer can be held liable for the accident.
  • The Owner of the Truck: Many companies rent trucks from a third party. It is important that the truck owners maintain their vehicles by inspecting the engine, brakes, fluids, tires, and the internal workings of the truck. If they are not regularly inspected, the owner of the truck could be held responsible.

Hire an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

At Walch Law Law, we have the expertise necessary to help you determine who is at fault when you are involved in a truck accident. We will help you to collect the relevant evidence that will help you make a case so that you will be able to receive financial compensation. Working with insurance companies can be a complicated process. Let us help you investigate, gather proof, speak with insurance companies, and figure out who is responsible for your accident. We are passionate about helping all our clients get the compensation that they deserve. Call NOW 1-844-999-8342

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