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Personal injury refers to an economic or physical loss caused by one party’s negligence or misconduct that causes harm to another party. If the victim fails to recover from the incident, it is transformed from personal injuries to wrongful death. It might seem like an apparent and needed shift, but the truth is that a wrongful death situation is quite different, and it’s important to know what to expect if you need to file this type of matter at Beverly Hills.


At Walch Injury Lawyers, we know that anyone who has suffered a loss is experiencing an emotionally difficult time. Our team of wrongful-death lawyers from Beverly Hills handles these cases with the highest level of attention and empathy. We understand that there is no way to replace the loss of your loved one; however, we can ensure that you get compensation for the loss.


If you’ve suffered the loss of someone due to a negligent individual, it is essential to consult a Los Angeles County wrongful death attorney. Walch Injury, Lawyers of Beverly Hills, is home to skilled and experienced lawyers available to help you. Contact us at +1 844-999-5342 to schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation with our staff.


What Is a Wrongful Death Case in California?

California’s state law defines the term “Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Lawyer” as a death that results from the negligence of another individual or entity. These cases are not criminal cases, as in most cases, there was no criminal motive behind the death. They are civil cases filed by the surviving family of the deceased person with the assistance of a Beverly Hills wrongful death attorney.


The causes of death for victims of wrongful acts fall into a variety of types. A few of the most popular include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Product defects
  • Medical negligence

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

When an injured person dies, the person or entity responsible for the injury is accountable to the extent of their actions. Even though the victim might have passed away, family relatives who were the victims may claim compensation with assistance from a wrongful-death attorney located in Beverly Hills and recover compensatory damages. While no amount can compensate for an individual’s loss of a loved one, it is crucial to keep in mind that these monetary damages can help ensure that the death won’t result in additional financial burdens.


In the event of a fatality due to negligence, it is possible to receive compensation to:

Financial support for the future is not available (a spouse’s death can make it difficult for widows to live a living an everyday life without the income the spouse would have given for the family):


  • Loss of friendship (the satisfaction from a relationship that has ended)
  • Compensation for funeral costs and medical expenses before the time of death
  • Damages for punitive purposes (when they are severe that they are used to deter future conduct and penalize an individual for his conduct)

Let an experienced Walch Injury Lawyers wrongful death attorney in Beverly Hills help you seek the compensation you desperately need to recover and continue living your daily life. 


Our Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Verdicts and Settlements

As you can see, the burdensome obligation of recovering wrongful funeral damages has become a significant issue for our wrongful death legal counsel who practice in Los Angeles County. Here are a few settlements we’ve secured for our clients in the recent past:

  • More than $5 million – for the insurance company’s bad faith in the case of a car accident.
  • More than $2,000,000 – for a Los Angeles MTA passenger injured by a subway train.
  • Over $2,000,000 – For a young adult injured after the balcony railing was damaged in the case of premises liability.
  • OVER $1,750,000 – Los Angeles car accident.
  • OVER$115,000 – For a Los Angeles car accident.
  • OVER $110,000 – For a Los Angeles bicycle accident victim.
  • Over $100,000 – for bicyclists injured in a Santa Monica hit-and-run car crash.
  • Over $100,000 – for a Pacoima pet bite victim dismissed by her former attorney.
  • More than $100,000 – Arbitration award in a Los Angeles rear-end car accident.
  • More than $100,000 – To pay for a Doctor attacked by a dog in Calabasas.


Hire a Knowledgeable Beverly Hills Wrongful Death Attorney

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of proposals from insurance companies don’t pay for all the costs associated with losing a loved one, including funeral expenses, loss of income, medical treatment, loss of earnings capacity, and much more. Insurance companies will try to deny claims by digging into victims’ medical records and criminal histories. They will use any information they can to claim that the defendant wasn’t responsible for the death. It is crucial to have a skilled team of wrongful-death lawyers in Beverly Hills fighting by your side.


Walch Injury, Lawyers of Beverly Hills, is home to experienced attorneys for injuries in Beverly Hills who know how to work with insurance companies and defeat their strategies. Contact us at +1 844-999-5342 for a consultation with the top attorneys for wrongful death throughout Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills, and California.

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