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Burns from Electric Vehicle Batteries Can Be Life-Threatening

Electronic vehicles are incredibly popular in California, especially in cities like Los Angeles where they allow drivers to take advantage of the carpool lane, among other things. These electric cars save on gas mileage, have a lowered carbon footprint and seem like a good choice to use to get around town. But there is a dark side to having an electrical vehicle. The reason that you may need to take precautions, is that the electronic vehicles with lithium-ion batteries can be prone to catching on fire. 

This is a serious situation, and people who over-charge the battery for an electric vehicle can experience a car fire. These car and vehicle fires are difficult to avoid when the batteries for an electric vehicle explode. When this does occur, you can be seriously injured and burned in the process of charging up your electric vehicle either at home or away from your home on the roads. As a winning Los Angeles burn law firm, we can help if this is your situation. 

Electrical Burns from an Electrical Vehicle Car Fire Are Usually Manifested as Serious Burns and Personal Injuries to the Body

An electrical burn is a serious burn when experienced on the body. Burns can be first through fourth degree designations, including:

  1. First degree or superficial thickness burns – painful burns that do not blister or scar on the skin.
  2. Second degree or intermediate thickness burns – partial to deep partial thickness burns that can form scars on the skin.
  3. Third degree or full thickness burns – dry small burns that will leave substantial scarring on the skin.
  4. Fourth degree or burns to the bone – burns that involve damage to the muscle, bones or lead to the amputation of a burned area on the skin or body.

Many times, after an electrical burn injury, you may need physical therapy, additional surgical procedures to renew motion in the burn area of the arms or legs, and may require pain medication to help manage the pain and suffering associated with a serious burn injury. If this is the case with your burn injury, you will want to talk to an attorney right away, to review your claim for personal injuries related to your case. 

Electrical Car Batteries Cause Serious Injuries When the Batteries Explode and Catch on Fire

If you have had a burn from an electrical car battery that was defective, then you may have a claim for a lemon car case. An electrical car battery should not explode under normal conditions when it is recharged. If you have had a burn from an electrical car battery, then you may have a serious personal injury that will prevent you from living your normal life and completing normal daily tasks. You may need additional surgical procedures because of your burn injury. 

You may also have lost time away from work. If this is the case, you will want to call our law office today to discuss your claim for personal injuries because of a car fire with an electrical vehicle battery. If this has happened to you and you have a personal injury from an electrical vehicle battery car fire, just call Walch Law at (844) 999-5342. We are able to talk to you about your case, and can explain the next steps to receiving a full recovery compensation package for your case.


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