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Can you switch personal injury lawyers?

Can you switch personal injury lawyers?

We take on a lot of clients, the second time around…meaning that they are coming to us after they are unhappy with the service of their original personal injury lawyer (for whatever reason). Ultimately, you deserve to be with a Calabasas personal injury law firm that is fighting for you, communicating with you and working to win your case for as much money as possible and if you don’t think you are getting that with your current representation then you should call Walch Law right away and get the legal help you deserve. We are taking new clients and ready to get started today.

Can You Switch California Personal Injury Lawyers?

Yes, you can. Most people want to switch their California personal injury lawyer because they are not happy with the representation or communication and think a different lawyer can do better. Here are some things you should know about switching personal injury lawyers:

  • You won’t pay more: A lot of clients are under the mistaken impression that switching to us means that you will end up paying double for lawyers– you don’t pay more. Rather, the previous lawyer and the new lawyer come up with a fee split based on work done by each party and you remain on your contingency fee agreement you were originally on. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by switching lawyers when you are unhappy with your current one.
  • The sooner you switch the better: If you are unhappy with your legal representation for your car accident, bike accident, slip and fall or whatever it may have been, don’t delay in making the switch because you will stop being annoyed with your current lawyer and perhaps be working with someone that can get things done quicker and for more money.

Calabasas Personal Injury Lawyer for YOU- Walch Law

At Walch Law, we are the law firm you want handing your personal injury case the first or the second time around. We start all potential clients out the same way– with an obligation free consultation designed to answer your questions, give you a realistic idea of your case value and tell you about our legal process. Always available, extremely experience and a 95%+ track record- call us now to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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