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Best Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer

Best Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer

Biking is at an all-time high in Los Angeles. How high? Bloomberg reports that biking in Los Angeles has increased 93% in the last year alone. While the biking craze is largely in response to COVID-19 concerns and the need to safely get outside, it will likely continue to be a trend long after things calm down. Unfortunately, there has also been a boom in Los Angeles bike accidents.

COVID-19 & Los Angeles Bike Boom

Bloomberg quotes Susan Jaworski on the coronavirus bike shift: “I think it’s the pandemic’s stay-at-home, stay-safe orders, where people who were remote working had a chance to discover their bikes. When congestion disappeared overnight, I think more folks felt comfortable exploring to get fresh air.”

Healthy and great for the environment, the bike surge is not unique to Los Angeles but across many large and small cities in the U.S.

Los Angeles Bike Accidents and Injuries

More bikes on the road is great but with that comes an increase in serious and deadly bike accidents. Some of the most common causes of Los Angeles bike accidents include scenarios like this:

  • Poorly maintained road conditions: Los Angeles is notorious for poor road and sidewalk upkeep and while a pothole won’t cause much of a disruption to most cars, it can be deadly for a bike rider.
  • Rider error: Rider errors are more common when there is a novice bike rider on a busy road. It can be a minor injury like crashing into a parked car or it can be major which is why it is important to always ride where you are safe.
  • Car on bike accident: Cars, trucks and motorcycles hitting a bike rider are on the rise as more bikers hit the road and drivers are simply not paying enough attention.

Legal Help With Car Hitting Bike Accident

If you have been hit or a loved one has been killed following a car hitting bike accident, you have legal options and Walch Law is here to help. A winning bicycle personal injury accident can get you much needed financial compensation to cover things like:

  • Medical bills (current and future)
  • Miss work
  • Inability to work
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitative needs
  • Pain and suffering

Whether it was the city or another driver that played a role in your accident, do not delay in getting in touch with the talented team of Los Angeles bike accident lawyers at Walch Law. Time is of the essence– in some cases you only have six months to get a case filed so do not delay!

LA Bike Law Firm- Walch Law

The time following a serious or deadly Los Angeles bike accident can be overwhelming and your legal options can be confusing but they don’t have to be that way when you hire Robert and Gary Walch. We have a 95%+ success record, take all our cases on a contingency fee basis and are ready to get started TODAY. Call NOW.

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