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Common Woodland Hills Air Bag Injuries

Common Woodland Hills Air Bag Injuries

Air bags save lives. There is no disputing this important safety fact. According to the NHTSA, a total of 50,457 lives were saved between 1987-2017 because of the deployment of an airbag in a crash. That being said, air bags are often the cause of one of the many injuries Woodland Hills car accident victims deal with following their accident.

Common Woodland Hills Air Bag Injuries

Air bags save lives but in the process often cause major injuries. How is that possible? Because in cushioning you from the tremendous impact that occurs during even a slow moving Woodland Hills car accident, it can simultaneously burn and break you. Here’s a look at what we mean by that:

  • Air bag burns: There are a lot of chemicals in air bags that when activated can burn skin (one of the many reasons children and elderly should always sit in the back where there are no airbags). Treatable but nevertheless painful, these burns heal within a few months of an accident or sooner
  • Broken bokes from air bags: Ribs and collarbones are the two most common bones that can be broken with the sudden jarring impact of a body coming into contact witha  deplyed airbag.
  • Internal bleeding: For some, the impract with an airbag can cause internal bleeding that needs to be idenfitifed soon after the accident

Whene you are in an accident that has injuries, you need to seek proper and complete medical attention as soon as possible. Not only can it help you heal from your airbag and other injuries but it can also help stregthen your Woodland Hills car accident lawsuit with Walch Law.

Woodland Hills Car Accident Lawyer

When you are looking for the best Woodland Hills car accident lawyer, you want a law firm that can get you the most money possible and also help with your physical recovery. At Walch Law, we have been doing that and more for over four decades. Local to the area, a 98%+ success record and ready to get started on a winning case for you today. We take all our Woodland Hills car accident cases on a contingency fee basis so call now to set up your free consultation with Walch Law today! 1-844-999-5342



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