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Why You Should Never Rely on an Online Settlement Calculator

Why You Should Never Rely on an Online Settlement Calculator

Seems amazing– you type in the type of accident you had and injuries and then get a magical number you now rely on as the value of your personal injury case. The problem is that you should never rely on an online settlement calculator to ever give you an idea of the value of your Los Angeles personal injury or wrongful death case. Why? Because they are sooooo off and very misleading in both directions. Some even make the mistake of not pursuing their case or thinking they should handle it on their own because they are so set on this highly inaccurate number.

How Much is Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Case Worth?

When you are looking online for a personal injury settlement calculator, you are looking to find how much your case is worth. What you should be doing is calling Walch Law for a totally free case evaluation. The difference? One is very general and ours is highly specific which means that we can give you a very realistic idea of how much your case is worth in a way that even the most sophistiacted online calculator simple cannot. Some of the things that go into the value of your case include:

  • Nature and extent of injuries
  • Missed work or insability to work
  • Other impact the accident has had on your life
  • Who the defendant is

The last category: who the defendant is, really matters and is a main reason why you want a winning Los Angeles personal injury lawyer on your side. Insurance companies are notoriously stingy when it comes to paying out cases– even when their liability is super obvious and 100% in the wrong. We know how to beat them.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

When you are searching around for the best Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, you are probably reading a lot about contingency fee arrangemnets and very little about how much a lawyer actually costs. Because of the nature of a contingency fee– the exact amount that you will pay a lawyer is not known until their end because they payment is contingent on how much they get you. That being said, you should know what the payment % will be and how it works. Most lawyers charge around 33% of the total amount so if your case is worth $100,000, the lawyer would get paid $33,000 and they would take this money out before giving you your check.

While you may not know the exact amount-contingency fees work well for everyone. You pay nothing up front and the more money your case settles for, the more money your lawyer gets paid so they are highly incentivized to get you a lot of money.

Winning Los Angeles Personal Injury Law Firm

Don’t waste your time guessing your case value– get started turing that potential into actual money that you need by hiring the winning Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Walch Law today. HIGHLY experienced (40+ years) with a winning track record (98%++), we are ready to get started today. It only takes one call to hire us 1-844-999-5342. Get in touch with Walch Law NOW!

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