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Canoga Park Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses How a Slipped Disc Herniation Can Result from a Fall at an Airbnb Property

Vacation rental properties such as Airbnb’s are a popular destination for the family. Taking time off to relax with loved ones in a rental property can be a fun time together. But if you rent a property or a rental home and the premises is dangerous, you can be injured. No one expects to rent an Airbnb and have an accident that will send the person to an emergency room. Additionally, no one expects to fall down on his or her back, suffering a slipped disc herniation that can lead to severe complications and a possible permanent injury from staying at a vacation home. Most people assume that if someone advertises a home on Airbnb, that the property is in good repair, and that there are no unknown hazards that can seriously injure someone renting the property for a vacation. The owners of a rental property such as an Airbnb are fully responsible to keep the property up as far as outside maintenance and inside cleanliness is concerned. Any time there are hazards inside or outside the home being rented, these obstacles and problems with the premises can turn into a serious personal injury. If you fall as a result of poor maintenance conditions at an Airbnb or other type of rental property, you can be seriously injured in that type of accident. It is possible to slip your disc and experience a lumbar disc herniation, when falling down or tripping while renting a rental property. In general, a herniated disc can occur when there is a displacement of the disc with pressure on the area housed by the disc. This can happen any time you fall down at a rental property and suffer a back injury because of poor conditions at the home being rented. Call Walch Law NOW if this is your situation- (844)999-5342

Rental Properties Are Often Unkempt and Are Riddled with Maintenance Issues

If you are injured at a rental property, there is a high chance that you can fall down hurting your back and lumbar disc. When you fall and injure your back with a herniated disc, you will know that it is difficult to heal, because you cannot do anything for yourself in this situation. You may need around the clock care, and may have to take time off of work to recover completely from your injury. The person who owns the property is responsible to keep it well-maintained at all times, and you are able to hold that landowner to these duties under the law. If this has happened to you, it is easy to call us today to talk to a Canoga Park personal injury lawyer to review your claim, and discuss bring an action against the at-fault parties. Just dial us at Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342 right now. We can review your claim for personal injuries, and answer any questions that you have regarding next steps to bring a legal action to the at-fault parties for your injuries and accident related losses.

What Types of Conditions Can Cause a Fall Resulting in a Slipped Disc Herniation?

Any type of a fall on a rental property can result in a serious injury. But if you fall backwards, fall down on poorly maintained sidewalks or stairs, or fall from a height you can be injured and sustain a serious personal injury. For example, if you are at an Airbnb and it is not well maintained, you may be injured by:

  • Poorly aligned walking surfaces
  • Uneven sidewalks or walkways
  • Loose stair treads
  • Uneven stairs
  • Loose handrails
  • Mold and mildew on the ground surfaces causing slipping
  • Cracks on the pavement
  • Dips and grooves in the parking areas
  • Carpet snags inside the premises
  • Floors that are highly waxed and slippery
  • Water dripping in kitchens or bathroom areas causing slippery flooring
  • Downspouts and ground drains that back up and flood outside areas
  • Hidden obstacles in overgrown and unkempt grassy areas

Of course, you may have looked over the property once you arrived at the premises, and may or may not have seen any items of disrepair. What is worse, is that the photos of the property online when you were booking the house may have cleverly hidden any dangerous obstacles, hazards or other issues that were related to the realty. Any time you are injured on the grounds of an Airbnb, you are responsible to tell the owner of the problem and document what happened in the accident. You should take photos of the damages at the property, and keep track of any medical bills that you incurred as a result of being injured and hurt on the property. Whether the owner of the property follows up with you or not, if you suffer a serious back injury, you will need to continue with all treatments related to healing from your injuries. If you sustain a herniated disc, you may be in for a long recovery time, that may take time off from your job and result in lost wages over time as you heal. If this has happened to you, you can get the relief you need by calling us now at the Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342.

Back Injuries Can Lead to Permanent Disabilities and Medical Complications Over Time

Back injuries can lead to a permanent disability, that can prevent you from returning to work. It may also be the case that a serious back injury can stop you from being able to manage the every day tasks and chores that you currently do now with ease. If you have to hire people to do your daily tasks to live, you may have a reduction of quality of life, all from falling on vacation at an Airbnb or other type of rental property. You can call us at Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342, and we will review the next steps to help you get a full recovery compensation package for your accident at a rental property. We are here for you and we will discuss your claim of personal injuries today. It is easy to make the call to us, and we can answer all of your legal questions, when you initiate a toll free call to us today. You pay us nothing upfront and all on contingency!


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