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Simi Valley Personal Injury Lawyer Will Discuss Your Claim for Personal Injuries from Laundromat Hazards Today

Laundromats are readily available in small towns and large cities, to service the needs of people who do not have washing machines and dryers in their residence. The cost of a washer and dryer can be high for some people, necessitating the use of a laundromat to wash their clothing. Many people use public laundry facilities and go to the laundromat on a weekly basis to clean their clothing. But did you know that there are many hidden hazards at a laundromat? You can be seriously injured at a laundromat, from seen and unseen dangers that are lurking at those public facilities. Laundromats that are well run and routinely cleaned can still have issues, where you can be personally injured just from one visit. If you go to the laundromat and the surfaces have not been cleaned thoroughly after the frequent use of other patrons, you can develop a skin rash or infection. You may also be at risk, if people use the washing machines and dryers improperly, wash unauthorized materials and do not follow the rules of the laundromat for keeping it safe for others to use afterwards. If you touch surfaces that are not wiped down to kill germs from other people touching the warm metals in the laundromat, you can develop a potential virus just from going to use a machine to clean your clothes. We can review your personal injury claim from an injury at a laundromat, when you call us today at Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342.

Spills and Flooding Are Rampant at the Public Laundromat

If you go to a laundromat and noticed some wetness on the floor, it may be from a spill or flooding at the facility. Other people using the washing machines and oversized washers may inadvertently spill laundry detergent on the floor. If you walk into powdered laundry detergent, or even liquid detergent, it can create a hazardous and highly slippery surface. The gel tablets that are used in washing machines, as well as the small balls that are used in washers for fabric softening are hazardous when they spill down to the floor unseen. You can fall down from slipping on laundry detergent that is haphazardly spilled on the flooring in and around the washing machines at a laundry mat. Additionally, in the area where the dryers are located, if there are mounds of dust bunnies, lint and used dryer sheets on the floor, you can slip on these items as well.

If you think about it, a laundromat has a number of hazards, and it is no wonder that people are injured in laundromats on a regular basis. If you are injured in a laundromat, a serious injury can prevent you from being able to safely return to work. In that case, you can even develop a permanent disability, all from being injured in an unclean and poorly maintained laundromat facility. The owner, operator, managers and attendants at the laundromat are fully responsible and liable to maintain the premises when the laundromat is open to the public. If the premises is dirty, full of debris on the floor, and generally unkempt, there is a high chance that an accident is going to happen among the patrons using the facilities. When you are injured in a laundromat, you do not have to shoulder this burden alone. You can call our law office and talk to our legal team to review your personal injury claim with you today.

Noxious Fumes Can Be Released into the Air at a Laundromat Causing Personal Injuries

If you are sitting in the laundromat and you feel sick from weird smells, it can be from chemical residues or other malfunctions from the dryers. The owner, manager and maintenance people working at the laundromat are responsible to ensure that the air quality in the building is fit for humans. For example, if there is lint build up that is accumulating in the dryers or behind the drying units or motors, it may produce burned or burning smells. These smells can make you sick, as you breathe the odors in while waiting to dry your wet clothing. If you develop headaches that will not go away, or have other physiological responses to smells you encountered at the laundromat, you may develop a sickness as a result of this exposure. In the event that this has happened to you, you can call us today at Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342 to review your claims. We are here to explain the next steps to you if you are injured in a laundromat.

Rusty Edges and Sharp Metal Pose Hazards at Laundromats

If you are taking your clothing to the laundromat to be cleaned, you may need to be wary of sharp metal and rusty edges on the surfaces in the facility. If the manager, owner and other employees are not on top of the situation, there can be rusted out washing machines, dryers, broken handles and broken countertops at the laundromat. You can be injured quite seriously by touching, being cut, developing an infection or otherwise injured, when your hand or any part of your body grazes along a rough edge on a machine at the laundromat. You can be cut, start to bleed, and need a tetanus shot after being hurt by rusty machinery at a laundromat. If you are injured and draw blood, it is advisable that you do seek medical attention immediately. You also need to tell the owner or operator of the laundromat what happened, and where you were hurt by their equipment. If possible, you can also take photographs with your mobile phone of the areas that were in disrepair, to show how you were injured on the premises. Then, you can call our office at Walch Injury Lawyers toll free at 844.999.5342, and we can review with you any next steps to initiating a lawsuit against the at-fault parties for your personal injuries sustained at a laundromat.


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