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What Questions Should You Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer?

What Questions Should You Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles or Riverside– wherever your California personal injury accident occurred, following medical care the next best thing you can do is hire the best California personal injury lawyer for you and your family. But the process can be overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask that will help make this decision a lot easier.

Questions to Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. Do you have experience handling my type of case?: Personal injury is an encompassing term and there are a lot of accidents that full under it. When you talk to a potential lawyer, see what level of experience they have handling your type of injury. For instance, a lawyer might have a ton of experience handling car accidents but little experience handling a slip and fall.
  2. Are you ready to get started NOW?: When you hire a law firm, you want your case to be a priority. This question is especially important for those people who have a case value under $15,000. Why? Because you want to make sure that your case is not being pushed off for bigger ones which is common for big law firms to do. This money matters to you and your family and you want a law firm that is committed to your case now and going forward.
  3. What’s your success rate?: Similar to the question related to experience, asking a lawyer what % of cases they win is a number they should have readily available and it should be high. At Walch Law, our success rate is well over 95%!!
  4. Can I get help with my medical bills now?: This question depends on your financial and physical situation but many personal injury clients struggle to pay for the medical care they need and if that is your case, ask about a medical lien.
  5. What can I do to help? While the lawyer handles the heavy lifting, there are going to be some homework assignments for you– mainly keeping up with your medical care and documenting the impact the accident has had on your personal and professional life. The best California personal injury lawyer will give you details and directions so that you can do your part to maximize your recovery following your accident.

Walch Law

At Walch Law, we have the answers you want to all the questions above and so much more. We take a highly personalized approach to all our clients and are ready to get started winning your personal injury case today. In California, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a case but in some instances it is as little as six months– don’t put this important call off any longer. CALL NOW!

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