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June 17, 2024

Simi Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys You Can Rely On

Almost every road is dangerous for motorcycle riders in California. It can get confusing for you to take necessary actions if you were recently in a motorcycle crash. You should consider retaining the services of a capable and focused Simi Valley motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure you get fair and adequate settlement.

Motorcycle accident victims can seek compensation from the at-fault party if their carelessness resulted in the accident.

Compensation for Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle crash compensation is intended to help victims regain their standard of living as it was before the accident. Compensation may include payment for medical expenses and present and future lost wages. It may also cover the cost of additional accident-related healthcare.

Compensation may include expense of a personal caretaker, job retraining, transportation expenses, and other costs to manage the disability, if applicable. Every motorcycle injury settlement has emotional distress and pain and suffering as part of the compensation. We understand that compensation cannot make the pain go away. However, it can be helpful in offsetting suffering by marginally improving your quality of life in other ways.

Motorcycle accident victims in California can pursue compensation even when they are partially or mostly to be blamed for the crash. However, compensation would be reduced in proportion to the victim’s fault.

Stereotypes Can Put You at a Disadvantage

There is an unfortunate stereotype in the country that suggests all bikers are careless and aggressive motorists. This is when majority of motorcycle riders obey traffic laws and drive safely. Insurance companies use these stereotypes to their advantage.

They may paint you as a reckless motorcyclist to avoid paying you fair compensation. Fortunately, a seasoned Simi Valley motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to help you fight the insurance companies.

Comparative Fault Can be Problematic

The responsible party in California will do everything to pin a part or all of the blame on the victim. California follows the doctrine of comparative fault. This means that multiple people can be responsible for the injury. You will lose a part of the compensation due to you if the negligent driver or the insurance company are successful in placing some portion of the responsibility of the accident on you.

This is a problem because it is a guarantee that the other party will do everything possible to implicate you in some manner. This highlights the importance of working with a competent motorcycle accident attorney who understands the ropes.

Examining Fault in Simi Valley Motorcycle Crash

There are several ways of determining the parties that are responsible for a motorcycle crash. Generally, these kinds of accidents occur because one party indulged in negligent behavior. These are a few examples of negligent behavior:

Distracted Driving

An indicator of negligence that can help you win the case is evidence that the other driver was arguing or texting and was not completely focused on the road.

Drowsy Driving

Several people drive when they are fatigued or drowsy. However, if it results in an accident, the driver’s state of alertness can be used against him in personal injury lawsuits. Drowsy drivers are highly common with a study reporting 4% drivers to fall asleep while behind the wheel.

Intoxicated Driving

Consequences of drunk driving can go beyond liability in an accident. It is against the law. Any substance that impairs the driving ability and if taken by the negligent driver is evidence supporting your claim.

Third parties can be named in lawsuits if they contributed to the crash in some manner. For instance, you can name responsible government entities in the lawsuit if they neglected to fill potholes that directly contributed to your crash. In another example you can name a third driver as well that stopped or swerved suddenly causing the defendant’s vehicle to crash into your motorcycle.

Best Simi Valley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer- Walch Law Firm

When you are looking for the best Simi Valley motorcycle accident lawyer for you, look no further than the highly experienced lawyers at Walch Law. Let our personalized approach to your case give you confidence that we will work tirelessly to get you the most money possible. With a 98%+ success rate, we are ready to get started today. Call now to learn more! 1-844-999-5342

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