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If you have a dog or have just been in a pet food store, you can probably remember that those retail stores are full of hazards. Most of the Ventura pet food stores are considered to be “dog-friendly.” This means that the dog owners are allowed to bring their own pets into the store and let them walk around. A dog owner may enjoy the experience of bringing his or her own pet into a store to walk around during the pet store shopping trip. But it can be a hazardous experience for the other customers visiting in the store as well.

When the owners of pets and the pets themselves are able to walk freely around a retail environment, there will be many opportunities for the pets to cause mischief in the store that will create dangerous hazards for the other customers. For example, pet stores are full of items that can easily be jarred or knocked off of the shelves by retail customers or their pets. These items include:

  • Dog treats and food
  • Dog toys
  • Dog beds and bedding
  • Dog crates and accessories

Once these items are knocked off of the shelving by a dog or a customer, then having the product in the aisles will create a slipping and falling hazards for the customers. If the manager or employees of the pet store do not look around the store every hour, they will miss these spills and product scattering on the floor. If a dog food bag is accidentally opened by a dog, then the contents of the bag will spill out onto the floor. The little pieces of dog food or kibble will become a serious and major slipping and falling hazard to anyone walking along in that area.

Some Dogs Will Get “Busy” in a Pet Store

If a dog owner is not super vigilant, a dog in a pet store can wreck-havoc in that retail environment. Dogs can get busy in a pet store and create hazards for other customers by:

  • Slipping out of their leash
  • Run around the store
  • Drop feces and urine on the floor
  • Bite other patrons
  • Bite into bags of pet food leaving pet food on the floor
  • Take pet toys off the rack and drag onto the floor
  • Spill water onto the floor

If you have been in pet store and slipped and fell on some of the hazards listed, then you may have suffered an injury. You may have fallen, and:

  • Broken bones
  • Broken hop
  • Broken arms and legs
  • Back pain
  • Traumatic head injury
  • Concussion
  • Contusions, bruises and lacerations

If you have had a slip and fall in a pet store, you may have experienced pain, slow healing time and other issues related to the accident. In the event that you have fallen in a pet store, get in touch with Walch Law right away to help get you the compensation you deserve. 1-844-999-5342


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