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Now with almost 400,000 residents, Bakersfield is a very busy city. And with all the business come a wide range of serious and dealdy personal injury accidents we help clients with.

What are some of the most common Bakersfield personal injury accidents?

The causes for these types of injuries range from carelessness to negligence to, yes, even malicious intent. Here’s a look at the top 5 we help clients with

1) Slip and falls –

These typically happen when a surface is wet or there is some other danger present that causes someone to fall. These can be due to construction conditions, poorly lit sidewalks, or missing manhole covers (for example). Many times these injuries are not serious, but they can cause some minor to moderate injuries.

2) Dog bites –

There are many of dogs that live in the city and county of Bakersfield, and it’s owners must be responsible for their pets. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, there are several causes of action you may have against the owner.

3) Vehicle collisions –

There are many types of vehicle collisions that can cause personal injuries, including rear-end collisions or accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists. You may have a claim for damages if you were injured in any type of collision. Please click here for more information about your rights if you have been involved in an accident.

4) Slip and falls at stores –

There are many malls, grocery stores, big-box retailers that can undergo construction or have another issue that leads to someone falling. Some cases may involve negligence on the part of the business owner.  These types of accidents can lead to a significant injury in some cases.

5) Defective products –

The last common type of personal injury accident in Bakersfield is defective products. These can be anything from a car part to an appliance that causes harm because it was not designed/manufactured properly. If you are injured because of a defective product, there are many legal remedies available to you.

The firsrt thing you should always do after any type of Bakersfiend personal injury accident is see a doctor (or many) to diagnose and treat your injuries and the next thing you should to is call the highly experienced Bakersfield personal injury lawyers at Walch Law. Ready to get started today and at no cost to you, we know how to win your case for the most money possible, even if you played a role in the accident! Give us a call now to set up your totally free consultation with Robert and Gary Walch- we look forward to helping you! 1-844-999-5342

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