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May 24, 2024

Ventura Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can happen in Ventura no matter how safe of a driver you are. File an auto injury claim against the person who caused your crash with assistance from a Ventura car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, a Law Corporation.

Experiencing a Ventura car accident is never on your list of to-dos. They are always unexpected and unwelcome, and they always upend your life, if only for a short time. Some auto wrecks are more serious than others and can cause tremendous life changes for victims. You could deal with painful injuries, mental trauma, and lost income.

Whoever was being careless or reckless and brought about your Ventura car accident can be held legally accountable for the damage they’ve done to your life. Filing a car accident claim is the process for recovering a settlement for your accident. Talk to a Ventura car accident lawyer during a free case review to learn more about filing a claim.

How to Prove Fault for a Ventura Car Accident

You can probably imagine a few ways that car accidents can occur. For instance, you probably know that texting while driving is not a good idea, and you know to watch out for drunk drivers. There are many other reasons that car wrecks occur, and you must figure out the cause of your accident.

The reason you need to know what caused your Ventura car accident is because the cause usually tells you who is liable. For instance, if a drowsy truck driver caused your crash, the truck driver and the trucking company may be liable for your damages.

Your Ventura car injury lawyer can help you investigate your accident, gather evidence to prove fault, and help you seek compensation.

Some types of evidence that could be used to prove a Ventura car accident case:

  • Witness statements
  • Video evidence
  • Your own account of what happened
  • Photo evidence 
  • Logs or other documentation
  • Physical evidence
  • Police or crash report
  • Medical evidence

Getting Financial Compensation for Your Ventura Car Accident Damages

Financial compensation could be yours if you prove your Ventura vehicle crash claim. A Ventura auto wreck lawyer at our firm may be able to help you prove your case and will work to get you a settlement for your crash-related damages.

Some damages you could be compensated for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Medical costs
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Mental distress and treatment

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Ventura, California

The law of negligence allows you to file a car crash claim in Ventura. The fault laws in California hold that the person who caused the accident can be made to pay for it. Most likely, it will be the at-fault party’s insurance company that will pay for your damages. Insurers can be tricky, as can other aspects of bringing a car accident claim.

Get help with your claim by partnering with a Ventura car accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, a Law Corporation. A free case evaluation is yours by dialing 866-465-8792 or by completing the online contact form below.

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