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February 23, 2024

Ventura Dog Bite Lawyer 

Snuffles seemed all cute and cuddly until he turned on you and viciously attacked you. Get help with a dog bite claim by partnering with a Ventura dog bite attorney at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, a Law Corporation.

Most people like dogs until they’ve been bitten by one. It’s not a pleasant experience to undergo. Dog bites can be extremely painful, and the injuries could be serious. You will also likely deal with trauma because you were attacked by a dog. You may have feared for your life during the attack. You are likely now fearful of how the dog bite will affect your health.

Some dog bite injuries in Ventura leave permanent scars and disfigurement. Some people deal with life-threatening infections or diseases, such as rabies. You could be owed financial compensation for how a dog bite injury has affected you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. A Ventura dog bite lawyer at our firm can assist you with filing a dog bite claim.

How to Prove Your Ventura Dog Bite Claim

The law in California requires dog owners to keep their pets under control. If their pet attacks and injures someone, the dog’s owner can be held liable for the injured person’s damages. Proving your claim is necessary if you hope to receive a settlement. You must be able to show that the dog was unprovoked when it attacked you. 

You should also demonstrate that you weren’t unlawfully on the dog owner’s property. You will also need to prove your damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain, trauma, and so on. A Ventura dog injury lawyer can help you with your claim. They can help you prove fault and prove your damages.

Should You Call a Dog Bite Lawyer in Ventura?

After a dog bite, you probably aren’t immediately thinking about calling a lawyer. You may realize later that you have a claim for personal injury. You will then wonder whether this is a project you can handle on your own or whether it’s one you should pass the baton on.

How can a Ventura dog injury lawyer help you? 

  • Your lawyer can help you prove that a dog injured you.
  • They can help you prove that you’re owed financial compensation for your injuries.
  • Your attorney can help you calculate how much compensation you’re owed by adding up your financial damages and non-economic damages.
  • They can deal with the insurance company for you. 
  • They could even take your case to court if that is necessary to win your case.

You can focus on recovering from your dog bite injuries while your lawyer works on winning your case.

Talk with a Ventura Dog Bite Attorney

Receive the money you need to pay for your losses and hold a negligent dog owner accountable for their carelessness. 

Call a Ventura dog bite lawyer at the Law Offices of Gary K. Walch, a Law Corporation to learn about the process of filing a personal injury claim in Ventura. Dial 866-465-8792 or fill out the online form below to take advantage of our free case consultation offer.

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