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Many people are out and about riding their motorcycles on the Southern California roadways right now. The air is rain-washed from the spring rains, and everything is fresh, bright and clear. It’s the perfect time for a motorcycle ride, and unfortunately also the perfect opportunity for other drivers on the
roadways not to see you on the bike, and cause a serious accident.

Cars on the roadways don’t often understand that motorcycle riders have many challenges on the roadways. Motorcyclists lack a protective barrier around them, when they do get into an accident with a car on the roads. For this reason, a motorcyclist is more likely to sustain a serious injury, all because of the open nature of motorcycle riding on the roadways. A motorcyclist wearing protective clothing and a helmet has the best chance to prevent an injury on the roads after an accident. But whether you are wearing protective clothing or not, you are allowed to go out and enjoy a ride on your motorcycle, without a car hitting you because of vehicular driver inattention.

Cars Not Paying Attention Can Be Deadly for a Ventura Motorcyclist Enjoying the Right-of-Way

If a motorcyclist is not paying attention and drives without checking the closeness of other cars
or motorcycles on the roadway before moving, there will be a likelihood of a crash with a
motorcyclist in the future. Cars can crash with a motorcycle when the driver of the car is careless
 Turn left without checking the oncoming traffic
 Parking illegally on the street and pulling out into traffic without looking
 Accelerating into the roadway without looking
 Decelerating and stopping short in traffic
 Missing an exit and swerving into a ramp lane on the highway
 Negotiating a curve to closely to other vehicles
 Making a U-turn in the road at a stop light
 Changing lanes without using a signal indicator
 Cars running a traffic light or stop sign
 Exceeding authorized speeds
 Driving aggressively with road rage
 Impaired drivers on the roadways
 Distracted drivers on the roads

After an Accident, You Must Call the Police to the Scene to Cite the Wrongdoer
Sometimes after an accident with a car, a motorcyclist who is not injured may brush it off and
deny the call to the authorities. But any time that a motorcyclist has an accident with a car on the
roadways, you should call the police to come out and investigate the accident scene. At the time
of the loss and crash with a car, it is the best time to tell the police what happened to you. If the officers are not privy to seeing the accident themselves, sometimes they will not assign blame for
the accident. Either way, you should have a police report to back up your version of what
happened before, during and after the crash with a car occurred. That way, if a motorist makes a
fraudulent claim against you, shirks or denies responsibility for the loss, you can have the police
report to show responsibility as well, for the vehicle involved in the crash.

Best Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We understand that as a motorcyclist, it can feel that you are at the mercy of other hazardous
drivers on the roads. But as a responsible motorcyclist you also have rights on the roadways.
When you have been in an accident that was the fault of a negligent motorist, you can give us a
call to review your accident claim. If this has happened to you, just call one of the best motorcycle accident attorney Ventura at Walch Law
844-999-5342. We are able to talk to you about your motorcycle accident case, and can explain
the next steps to receiving a full recovery compensation package for your case. Get in touch with us now!

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