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Pasadena Nursing Home Wrongful Death from Neglect Lawsuit

It is always a very difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home or skilled nursing care facility. When a loved one such as a parent or relative is disabled, elderly or suffers from dementia, that individual may need around the clock care, that can only be given in an assisted living environment. But you will want to know that you loved one is taken care of properly in the nursing home. It will always come as a shock to you that your parent, relative or child is being mistreated, neglected or even abused in a nursing home, but it can happen. A greater shock will be that your loved one has died from abuse in a nursing home.

Nursing Homes Often Neglect the Residents

A nursing home is being paid to care for the residents of the nursing home. The nursing home staff are meant to be there to care for the residents, attend to their daily needs and provide a loving environment for every resident. But oftentimes, the nursing home staff are unprofessional, and abuse the residents in a way that is more like torturing them, making their quality of life very low.

Some Nursing Home Residents Are Unable to Speak for Themselves

The fact that many people in a nursing home are there because of a deficit such as cognitive or speech inability to express their needs, the nursing homes that are unprofessional will take advantage of this and of the residents in those cases. If a resident suffers from dementia, cognitive issues or memory issues, that resident is highly vulnerable and may be abused in the nursing home setting.

Sometimes these nursing home residents are unable to speak up for themselves, when they experience abuse or are killed in the place where they live. In this case, it can be traumatic for a nursing home resident, who is vulnerable and unable to speak up for themselves. Your loved one can be killed in a nursing home, and you will need to initiate a wrongful death case in that situation against the nursing home responsible for the death.

Nursing Home Residents Often Experience Abuse in Nursing Homes from the Staff

Nursing home residents can be abused when the staff in many different ways, including:

  • Does not give them food or water when they are hungry and thirsty
  • Refuses to bathe the person on a daily basis
  • Promises them food and never delivers it to them
  • Restrains the resident by tying the person to a bed
  • Not answering the call button of the resident when the person is in need
  • Not caring for the resident’s medical issues and neglect for injuries
  • Allows the resident to get bed sores/pressure ulcers from lack of care
  • Allows the resident to die from lack of nutrition when the person need sustenance to live
  • Sexually assaults the residents who do not have the ability to fight back or speak to anyone else about the abuse

Your loved one can die from lack of care in a nursing home. If this does happen, then you have an opportunity at law to initiate a lawsuit on the merits of your claim for wrongful death because of the lack of care and neglect for your loved one in a nursing home or skilled care facility.

If this has happened to your loved one, or if your loved one has died and you have a wrongful death claim against a nursing home, call Walch Law now at 1-844-999-5342. We are able to talk to you about your nursing home abuse case, and can explain the next steps to receiving a full recovery compensation package for your case, and the loved one that you represent.

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