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If you live in Los Angeles, ridesharing can be a great way to get around. Maybe you don’t have a car and use Uber or Lyft on a regular basis, or maybe you only use ridesharing once in a while. Although there are many benefits to using ridesharing services in LA, there are some drawbacks, as well.

The main drawback is that you are forced to put your safety into a stranger’s hands. While rideshare drivers are background checked, it’s still possible to be hurt in a collision. If the rideshare driver was the one responsible for the accident, you may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against them to recoup your losses. 

When You Can File an Injury Claim for a Rideshare Accident

There are many different types of accidents, and they occur for a variety of reasons. Not every Uber accident is the fault of the Uber driver, for example. In some accidents, you might be a passenger of a ridesharing service, or you might be a driver in another vehicle that has been struck by a rideshare driver’s vehicle.

Whatever your situation is, you have probably suffered injuries and losses because of your rideshare accident. If the crash wasn’t your fault, you can file a claim for the accident in Los Angeles.

A few examples of times when you could file a claim for a rideshare accident are listed below.

  • As a passenger in a rideshare accident
  • As a pedestrian who was struck by a rideshare driver
  • As a driver (or passenger) in another vehicle that was struck by a rideshare driver

How Do You Prove Your Rideshare Crash Case?

Most auto wrecks are caused by human negligence, which means that someone was most likely to blame for your crash and related losses. But how do you prove fault? How do you win a personal injury claim for a rideshare crash? 

It’s important to collect evidence that proves fault. For instance, after your car accident, the LA police will likely do an investigation. The police report could be a valuable piece of evidence to prove your case. You could also use witness statements, photographic evidence, video evidence, and physical evidence to prove your case.

Is the Rideshare Company Responsible for My Damages?

In most cases, the driver of the Lyft, Uber, or other rideshare service would be legally responsible for your damages. The driver should have insurance that would cover your losses. However, there are some occasions when the rideshare company could be liable.

The rideshare company could be liable if:

  • Your damages exceed the driver’s insurance policy limits.
  • The rideshare driver did not have insurance at the time of the accident.
  • The rideshare company’s negligence contributed to the accident.

Speak with a Los Angeles Rideshare Accident Attorney

You have probably suffered losses due to your rideshare accident. You could be dealing with physical pain, lost income, medical bills, and more. These losses could result in a settlement for you. You must first win your car accident claim.

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